Empower Your Team & Lead with Clarity, Confidence and Conviction

Escape the Trap of Micromanagement and Foster a Culture of Accountability and Initiative

Break Free from the Micromanagement Trap

Cultivate Accountability and Self-Directed Teams That Drive Your Business

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the constant need to oversee every detail in your business? If you're like many business owners, you may find yourself caught in the cycle of micromanagement, struggling to delegate effectively, and watching as employee disengagement and turnover disrupt your vision for a thriving, proactive team.

Imagine a team that operates with seamless efficiency, where each member is self-sufficient, accountable, and fully aligned with your company's core values.

Envision leading with confidence, stepping back from the day-to-day grind to focus on strategic growth, and fostering a culture where accountability and responsibility are the norm.

The key lies in a transformative approach – one that will reset mindsets around accountabilities, self-direction and sustainable engagement, for owners and their team members.

Identify, Embrace and Resolve: Cultivating Lasting Solutions for Your Team

Are you dealing with any of the following issues:
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  • Inconsistent employee engagement with fluctuating motivation and productivity, impeding business’s growth and culture.

  • Difficulty in retaining key employees, creating a continuous cycle of recruitment, hiring and onboarding that drains time and resources.

  • Team members don’t seem aligned with your core values, creating a disjointed work environment that erodes the business culture.

  • Inefficiencies and inadequacies in the onboarding process, creating confusion that interfere with the seamless integration of new staff.

  • Expectations that are misguided or unclear and lack accountability within your team, leading to miscommunication, impeded success in one’s position and thus reduced overall performance.

  • Growth and development opportunities for employees are lacking leading to high turnover risk and a stagnating company culture.


In the quest for team effectiveness, many leaders fall into the trap of using standardized job descriptions that only list tasks but do not provide clarity around behaviors and attitudes that are crucial to the culture of the business.


Envision a future where your team excels in accountability and independence, transforming how your business operates.

After applying my course's principles, your employees will be able meet expectations, leading to a more empowered self- directed workforce. This significant shift enables you to focus on strategic business growth rather than getting bogged down in daily operations. Experience a reduction in stress and the reclaiming of your valuable time, creating a more productive and less chaotic work environment.

This is not just about business improvement; it's about enhancing your quality of life and securing your company's future success.

"This digital course is the culmination of my journey and learnings. It's designed to help you, the business leader, free yourself from the shackles of daily operations and step into a role that truly drives your business forward. You'll learn not just to manage, but to lead with a vision, shaping a team that's as invested in your business's success as you are."

PT, ACC, CPC, C-IQ Certified

Executive, Business, and Team Coach

Cultivating Accountability: Your Framework for Team Excellence

Experience Transformational Team Growth with My Proven Strategies

Be able to confidently step back from micromanagement and focus on growing your people and your business
Develop and nurture a highly engaged and motivated team that help drive the business
Attract and keep motivated, responsible employees aligned with your company's mission and dedicated to its success.
Align your team's actions and attitudes seamlessly with business's core values and vision.
Streamline and optimize the onboarding process for new hires, ensuring quick and effective team integration.
Define and describe clear roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities enhancing team efficiency supporting the success of team members.

Client Success Stories

"As a clinic director for a multi-clinic business, I oversaw the daily operations of and managed both the clinical and nonclinical staff. When I began my work with Judy, I felt overwhelmed and challenged by all of my different responsibilities as well as providing patient treatment. I felt that I always needed to solve all of the problems and was frustrated by the lack of follow-through and attention to detail by others. After working with her, creating solid expectations and accountabilities, and learning how to become a true leader instead of a “boss” my stress was reduced, I had positive interactions with team members and was able to truly begin to develop others while supporting the core values of the business.  I would recommend Judy to anyone who wants to gain more clarity, get more things done, gain more confidence in themselves and their ability to become a truly effective leader.”


Mary Ann Allred

Clinical Director

"Through her leadership and business coaching, Judy has helped me navigate the demanding challenges of owning a physical therapy private practice. Through her sincere and honest coaching, I have grown to create a more positive company culture with improved self-awareness and strength. Judy has helped me to recognize my leadership style and ways to align my values with my work. I highly recommend Judy to anyone who is struggling with leading a staff and all the other challenges that go along with owning a small business in healthcare today. She has been an invaluable business and leadership coach, and because she has had a small company of her own, she more than understands what it takes to keep going in a positive direction. Thank you, Judy, with endless gratitude!"


Julie Bergman

Business Owner

Unlock the Blueprint for Team Success

Uplevel Your Leadership, Reduce Micromanagement by Following My Comprehensive Course Modules

Dive into 'Cultivating Accountability: Foundations for an Accountable Team,' a course designed to revolutionize your leadership and team dynamics. Through meticulously crafted modules, you'll learn to transition from micromanagement to empowering a self-driven team aligned with your core values. Ready for transformative insights and actionable strategies to lead your team to success? Let's embark on this journey together.


Foundation for Transformation: My People-First Culture Approach

  • Learn the principles behind a People-First Culture to establish a thriving team environment that promotes growth and satisfaction.

  • Uncover the transformative tool designed for empowering team members, equipping you with the means to enhance accountability and self-management.

  • Understand the critical leadership priorities for the next 30 days to gain clarity on actions that significantly impact team dynamics and business success.


The Position Success Tool (PST): What It Is and How to Create One

  • Discover the Position Success Tool (PST) to stop micromanaging by defining clear roles and expectations, fostering a culture of accountability and self-sufficiency.

  • Learn step-by-step how to customize the PST to your company's vision and core purpose, ensuring each role is perfectly aligned with business objectives.

  • Utilize specific examples to customize the PST for your business quickly, enhancing team efficiency and supporting the success of each member.


Putting the Position Success Tool Into Action

  • Gain a step-by-step guide on utilizing the Position Success Tool (PST) across different areas such as recruitment, onboarding, and retention to enhance team functionality and unity.

  • Receive scripting recommendations for effective communication to ensure your team's buy-in and excitement, crucial for the success of creating a self-directed team.

  • Implement the PST to set clear expectations, accountabilities, and boost quarterly reviews, onboarding processes, and more, fostering trust and engagement across all employee levels.

  • Discover how to leverage the PST for building trust and ensuring every team member is fully engaged and aligned with the company's success metrics.


Your Roadmap to Impactful Core Values

  • Navigate through the process of refining your company's core values into actionable behaviors that support a culture of accountability and alignment with business goals.

  • Learn to define and discern specific core values that translate into descriptive behaviors, ensuring accountability and aligning employees with your business's objectives.

  • Establish and maintain engagement, buy-in, and accountability, ensuring your team's actions mirror your business goals and contribute to a unified company culture.

  • Integrate your core values with the Position Success Tool to solidify a People-First culture, enhancing the overall effectiveness and cohesion of your team.

The Moment for Change is Now

Stop Waiting, Start Leading: Why Delaying Action Costs More Than You Think

You’ve been running the endless treadmill of micromanaging and lack of accountability long enough. How much longer can you put off fixing this problem?

If you desire growth, profits and more time freedom for yourself, you can’t wait another day to address these issues. These are problems that tend to steamroll and become harder to address as more time passes and employees get set in their ways.

Want to save time, energy and money?

Create, Implement and ensure success with my personal guidance, mentorship and support. I will personally help you to implement my tools & processes to create team accountability just as I do with all of my private clients.


Self Directed Digital Course Only


VIP Implementation PROGRAM
REGULAR $1,997

If for any reason, you're unhappy with the quality of the training and your experience with the course contact me and I'll work with you to overcome any problems or obstacles that you may have faced so you can create success with the course.

Meet the Expert Behind Successful Team Transformation with a People First Culture

Judy Cirullo: Empowering Leaders and Teams with Four Decades of Proven Experience

Judy is a seasoned business owner, former clinician, and certified professional coach (CPC) with 40 years of experience. Having successfully managed 4 businesses across different states, she understands the challenges of leading and developing teams while running a business. She holds certifications, including International Coach Federation (ICF), Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), WHY Institute, and is a Founding Actuator™ at the Culture Fix Academy™. Her extensive work with business owners and their teams using her 6-Step Framework helps develop and empower their most valuable asset, their people, by creating balanced work environments that drive a successful and thriving business.

PT, ACC, CPC, C-IQ Certified

Executive, Business, and Team Coach

Why Am I So Passionate About Growing Strong Teams? Learn More Here

Four decades ago, I embarked on a journey as a clinician and business owner, a path that led me to establish four businesses across four states. It was a journey filled with achievements, but also one marked by stress, frustration, and angst. As a business owner, I was entrenched in the day-to-day operations, putting out fires from time to time and struggling to find a balance. The turning point came nearly a decade ago when I realized that my business was running me instead of the other way around. I knew something had to change.

Driven by the need to shift from being merely a business owner to a true leader and CEO, I made a bold decision to return to school to become a certified professional coach while still running my last clinical practice. This decision was fueled by a realization: I lacked a people-first culture and the skill set to implement systems that supported and empowered people. 

The journey was not easy. I grappled with my own mindset, learning to let go of micromanagement and embrace leadership that nurtures and develops. This transformative experience led me to a powerful epiphany – the need for a system that could change not just how teams work, but how they think and interact. That's when the Position Success Tool was born.

Fast forward to today, after years of refining this approach and helping business owners and leaders overcome the same challenges I faced, I've witnessed remarkable transformations. My clients are achieving what took me years to accomplish in a much shorter time. They're embracing a people-first culture, leading with clarity and confidence, and creating teams that are self-sufficient, accountable, and aligned with their core values.

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